American Tan Rabbit Specialty Club

Dedicated to promoting and improving the "Aristocrat of the Fancy"

Candidate for District 9 Director: George Larue

Hello! I am George Larue and I am seeking re-election as your District 9 Director. As most of you know I filled the vacated position of director when Morgan Hendricks was elected Vice-President of the ATRSC. When I was asked to fill that position, I accepted and I have tried my best to represent our district well. My term has been short but I have enjoyed working hard as your director and meeting fellow Tanners across our district and beyond.

I have been an active member of the ARBA for almost 30 consecutive years. This September marks my 30th year as a member. I have also been a licensed registrar for over 25 years and I have registered hundreds of rabbits in that time period. I have aspirations of becoming a licensed judge in the future.

I first got into Tans in the mid 1980s. The breed intrigued me and I just had to get some. My first Tans came from a well known Tan breeder and author, Bob Bennett, and still today my foundation stock is from his line of Tans. From the 1980s until today my Tans have done well on the show table and I enjoy helping others to improve their stock. I have assisted several breeders in getting started in the Tan breed. I have actively raised, shown and promoted breeding and showing of all four varieties of Tans. I was the one that spearheaded the Grand Slam award that our club offers if a breeder wins BOV in all four varieties where legs are awarded. This was an effort to get more breeders involved in raising and showing all four varieties. In the mid 1980s I served as District 9 Director and I was also the ATRSC reporter for Domestic Rabbits magazine. I also wrote an article for Domestic Rabbits magazine commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Tan. As you can see, I have been very active in the club.

There was a time when I could not raise rabbits due to my employment and I had to get out of raising Tans but I kept up with the rabbit world while I was not able to raise them.

Recently my wife Gwen and I have been promoting rabbit therapy. We spoke at the ARBA National Convention at RabbitCon this year on using your rabbits outside of the showroom. My wife and I visit schools, retirement homes, handicapped children’s programs, kindergartens and pre-school programs, nursing homes, churches, etc. promoting and using rabbits for therapy. We have been parents to at-risk teens for over 12 years now and rabbits are an essential part of our program in working with these troubled youth. The teens that we work with love going to shows with us and they enjoy the atmosphere of being around fellow breeders and showers. We work very hard to promote rabbits and the Tan breed in our programs.

Having just getting established as your current director, I do ask for your support in the upcoming election for District 9 Director. I can promise you a strong commitment to my position and in promoting the Tan Breed as well as the ATRSC. My opponent is a very worthy candidate and no doubt would do an excellent job as well. The important thing is to vote for your Director and President and the person that you feel would best represent our club. I cannot get around to shake all of your hands or to kiss your baby kits but I can promise you that I will do the best that I know how to do to represent our district and the ATRSC.

Thank you in advance for your support!

George Larue

District 9 Director