American Tan Rabbit Specialty Club

Dedicated to promoting and improving the "Aristocrat of the Fancy"

Candidate for District 9: Kim Fraser

My name is Kim Fraser and I am asking for your vote for District 9 Director of the American Tan Rabbit Specialty Club.  For those who do not know me, I have been an active member of the ARBA and the Tan Club since 1987. Many names in the Tan Archives were my peers.   Tans were and are my first love and have always been in my barn.  “Once a Tanner, always a Tanner” is an oft saying that definitely applies to me.  I have held several positions in the Tan Club serving as District 9 Director from 1999-2009 and operated in the role of Senior Director (I had to step down to focus on my husband’s health issues) and as Auditing Committee Chairperson.  I have attended all ARBA Conventions since 1989 with the exception of three that were on the West Coast.  I have been and currently am President of the MidAtlantic Tan Club and as such have promoted this club to host a number of our Tan Nationals.  I have promoted the Tan breed both here and abroad having shown at Foreign and Domestic Shows.  I support new youth to our breed and have aided the promotion of Youth within the Tan Club by voting for the Scholarship Program as District 9 Director as well as donating stock for a number of Tan Auctions. I have been asked many times to judge rabbits at local 4H Clubs.

On other Rabbit fronts, I was one of the founding members of the American Fuzzy Lop Club having served as Secretary/Treasurer, Sweepstakes winner for its first five years, and earned Charter Breeder (#2) and Herdsman Awards. I am a competitive Rabbit Shower having shown in every state in District 9 and have won numerous Best of Breeds, Best Opposite of Breeds, Best Four Class and Best In Shows with My Tans, Fuzzy Lops, and Britannia Petites. I have also won Best of Breed at two ARBA Conventions a Fuzzy Lop and a Tan.

Shortly after adopting my first greyhound in 1992, I was asked to become involved in Animal Assisted Therapy which led to my appearance on Animal Planet’s “Breed All About It: Greyhounds”.  I was one of the founding members of SpiritKeepers which later became Blue Gray Therapy Dogs and was a key member in helping to dispense Animal Assisted Therapy to the families whose members were victims at the Pentagon after 9-11. I was one of the members to start the Therapy Dog Program at Mary Washington Hospital and have spent the last 14 years volunteering with four of my greyhounds there.  Four years ago, just after becoming the Director of BGTD (I manage over 80 Therapy Dog Teams), I became a Tester for Therapy Dogs Incorporated where I test potential new Therapy Dog Teams to work in local schools, libraries, and hospitals. Our most popular program is our PAWS For Reading which is in 3 school systems and 7 libraries.  I am also founding member and officer of Greyhounds ROCK Fredericksburg where we raise money for Canine Cancer Research.  My most recent greyhound and Therapy Dog partner, TJ, was lost to cancer recently and was the Spokes Dog for Canine Cancer Research.  Some of the chemotherapy protocols used on TJ as a test dog are now being used with children diagnosed with Cancer at Children’s Hospital with great success.  I am also a beekeeper with over ten years of experience and am a founding member and past President of the Rappahannock Beekeepers Association.  I have taught the "Beginning Beekeeping" Course for the past four years to over 150 new beekeepers. 

Lastly, as you can see I am leader and an innovator of new programs.  I am a no nonsense person who has no difficulty in tackling difficult situations that arise and lending a hand to those in need.  I am asking for your vote and I will see you at a show very soon.