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2015 National Tan Show - March 21st - Greensboro, NC

The 2015 National Tan Show will be hosted by the Southeastern Tan Rabbit Specialty Club (SETSC) and will be held in conjunction with the North Carolina state convention in Greensboro, NC on Saturday, March 21st. There will also be a specialty show hosted by the SETSC that will follow nationals judging. On Sunday there will be an all breed show hosted by the North Carolina Rabbit Breeders Association (NCRBA).

The SETSC is working with the ATRSC on hosting youth contests and an auction. The SETSC is very enthusiastic about putting on a great event. A full show catalog is available HERE.

A full show catalog for the all breed show (including a parking pass) can be found HERE.

There is a hotel block under Drury Inn & Suites Greensboro, NC under NCRBA. You may want to got ahead and make your reservation now before all the rooms are booked. Suites are 109.95 and the standard rooms offer either 2 standard beds or 1 king bed for 89.95. The phone number is 336-856-9696.

[Photo credit: Kelly Flynn]

Youth Contests

The ATRSC is happy to be hosting youth contests in partnership with the SETSC. The contests will take place during judging on March 21st. There will be three components: leadership contest (pre-entry only), royalty contest and educational entries (e.g., posters, arts & crafts, etc.). Participations DO NOT need to show in the National Tan Show or be ATRSC members in order to participate. All youth Tan enthusiasts are encouraged to take part!

Check-in for the educational contests and royalty will be from 7:30 am - 8:30 am in the Tan area on Saturday, March 21st. ALL participants must be checked-in no later than 8:30am.

CLICK HERE for contest rules and guidelines


In order to keep the contests free for all youth wishing to enter we must do fundraising to offset the cost of hosting the contests and providing awards. We can accept monetary donations OR item donations that can be used as awards. E.g., in 2012 KW Cage donated a Groom n' Go that we used as the Grand Champion Educational Contest entry. If are willing to donate, or if you own a rabbit related business or have connections to one please contact Kelly. All sponsors will be recognized in the Tan Tribune for their contributions.

Thank you to our sponsors:

Bryan Shirk

Anja Strebeck
Karla Mayberry
Vicki Kelly Owen
Sarah Owen
Jerry D. Altman
Karen Breker
Jerred Wade Glisson
Peter & Kelly Flynn 
Kristine Konesko
Indiana Tan Rabbit Club
Emma Persoon
Kevin Rudolph & Scott Rudolph
Austin Roark
Larue's Wascawwy Wabbits
Oxy-Gen for Rabbits
Heinold Feeds
Sierra Valley Hay


T-Shirts orders must be included with your entry form for the National Tan Show. The T-Shirts will be available for pickup with your entry packet at check-in. 


$10.00 for Small -XL

$12.00 for 2XL - 3XL

Big thanks to Amanda Olson of Ugly Rabbit Apparel for the design! 

Other Tan designs can be found on the Ugly Rabbit Apparel website.

SETSC Specialty Show

The SETSC is hosting an open and youth specialty show that will take immediately following completion of the National Tan Show. Please note that entries are due by email  before 8pm on 3/7 or must postmarked by 3/4 if mailing. Click here for a show flyer with more details.

Who do I contact with questions?

National Tan Show or SETSC Specialty Show: Warren Harris, George Larue or Karla Mayberry

ATRSC Youth Contests and Sponsorships: Kelly Flynn

If you are still unsure of who to contact with, please get in touch with George, Warren or Karla and they will forward on your inquiry if needed. They are executive officers of the SETSC (the sponsoring club) and are in charge of the show.