American Tan Rabbit Specialty Club

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Erway family: Michele, Charles and youth members Clifton, Raymond, Tristan, and Evan; from Genesee, PA
Miller family: Julie and youth members
Carson and Carlee, from Eldorado, OK
Daniel Nemeth, youth member from Perry, OH
Ariana St. Pierre, from Pollock, LA
Tanya Lafitte, from Ellijay, GA
Linda Frazier, from Kalispell, MT
Carol Tank, from Garrison, ND
Zachary Holtmeyer/Nicole Velotta, WA
Kristine Konesko, from Fowlerville, MI
Holly McAleese, from Glen Allen, VA
Ian Engling, youth member from Wheatland, WY
Elise Silipini, youth member from Chardon, OH
Brenda and Shauna DiRienzo, from Freehold, NJ
Michael and Jennifer Dobbs, from Abilene, KS
Kimberly and Kori Botelho, from Swansea, MA
Jack Underberg, from Turton, SD
David Moll, from Wauseon, OH

Nadine Percival
Emma Persoon
Jacob Dailey
John Porritt
Stephen Pappas
Bob Bennett
Bill, Zac and Zayne Hunter--lifetime
Sarah Owen
Kathy Mannweiler
Penny Jezuit
Dale Mize III
Olivia Myers
Jacob Leavitt--lifetime membership!
Mike and Eva Jankowske
Barbara Hardin
Charles Hardin


November 2013:
Karen Breker
Noah Boyce
Chance Brewer
Cheyenne Corley
Jane Hartman
Carla Hopton/Sarah Turner
Megan Matthys
Stephanie Myers
Jeff Peterson/family
Maddie Pratt
Christy Pratt

December 2013:
David/Lisa Bird
Richard/Nancy Bird
William Rascher


July 2013:
Baker family, A. Bakula, H. Bird, Geroux family,
Brian/Stephanie Kelly, H. Means, C. Messinger, Stan/Kathy
Mobey, H. Mowry, K. Owens, A. Santich, H. Shepard, J.
Towe, Brian Wagoner, K. Weis.
August 2013:
J. McDermott, C. Olsen, T. Putz.

September 2013:
Hunter/Dawn/Rachelle Overbay, Robert/Frances/Kassandra
Petty, Mackensie Yoder
October 2013:
Farrah Chalue, Megan Shilling, Kenneth/Anita Whitley

TAN NATIONALS hosted by Mid-Atlantic Tan club:   the following is proposed details about the 2014 Tan Nationals.  Further details will be discussed at the annual meeting and will appear in the next Tribunes.  

Date:         Saturday, May 3
Location:   Columbus, Ohio, in conjunction with the Ohio State Rabbit Breeders Association convention.
Judges:     Wade Burkhalter, open.  Rob Frizzell, youth
Entry fee:  $7.00, includes cooping with risers, for the entire weekend.
Special awards will be given for BOV, BOSV, BOB and BOSB for open and youth
outh contests:  OSRBA will sponsor Breed ID and Juding contests, which are open to all youth.  Youth tan members are encouraged to take part in these great contests.

Mid-Atlantic Tan will host a Tan specific youth contest comprised of a written test and an oral presentation.  The test will be based on the Tan standard, and will include information from the guidebook.  The oral presentation should be 3-5 minutes in length, and the content must be focused on some aspect of the tan breed.  Awards will be given in different age categories.

An educational project contest consisting of artwork, posters or displays, photography, and crafts will also be held.  All projects must be based on the Tan theme!  Awards will be given in each of these categories, and will be awarded to BOTH youth and open members!
In addition to the National show, there will be a specialty show hosted by Great Lakes Tan Specialty club.
Date: Saturday, May 3 at the completion of the National show
Specialty judges:  John Graybeal, open.  youth.
Entry fee: $5.00
On Sunday, May 4 OSRBA will host a single open and youth all-breed show.
A banquet will be held at a family restaurant in Columbus at 8PM on Saturday.  Cost will be $20.00 per person or less.  More details will follow!