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Club Awards

ATRSC Tan Triangle Award Winners


1973 - Roscoe Cuozzo

1974 - Ralph Pace

1975 - Bob Bennett 

1975 - David Leeseberg

1983 - Eugene Johnston

1986 - Angela Powell

1988 - Clay Steinberger

1993 - Joe & Rose Morrisette 

1993 - Roger Goff

1997 - Jacques & Lise Turcotte 

2004 - Pat Mareska

Club Awards

Tan Triangle Award: May be awarded annually to the Tan fancier who has done the most to promote the Tan club and Tans that calendar year.


Sweepstakes Year Awards: 1) The top five open winner receive a plaque 2) The top three youth winners receive a plaque.


Sweepstakes Award: A pin will be awarded annually to all members in good standing showing the number of BOB, BOS, BIS and Best 4 Class wins during the sweepstakes year.


Most Grand Champions Award: A plaque or equivalent will be awarded each year to the breeder who records the most grand champions during a sweepstakes year.


Gabby Croteau Award: A medallion awarded yearly to the person from each district that earns the highest number of sweepstakes points. Named after the founder of the award and former ATRSC President.


Best of Four Varieties Award: A rosette is given to the breeder who sweeps each of the four Best of Variety awards at a single show where each specimen meets the requirements of earning a leg at that show. 


Awards at Convention
  1. Trophies awarded for: Best of Breed, Best Opposite Sex, Best Black, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac (open and youth).

  2. Trophies also awarded for Best Opposite Black, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac (open only).

  3. Rosettes awarded for: Best Opposite Black, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac (youth only).

  4. Rosettes awarded for Best Senior and Junior of each variety and Best Opposite Senior and Junior of each variety.

  5. Tankard for the judge of Tans in Open.


Awards at the National Tan Show


Tankard for each of the four varieties (Best of Variety).


Other Awards 

  1. The member who recruits the most members each year will receive one year free membership.

  2. The youth member who travels the farthest distance to the ARBA convention each year will receive one year free membership.

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