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Why Tans?
Beauty and Brains

Tans are a full arch rabbit that is evaluated by being allowed to move freely on the judging table. Of the 49 breeds currently recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA), only four breeds are evaluated this way. Of those four breeds, the Tan is the oddball of the group. Tans are shorter in body and have completely different markings than the other “running breeds.” 


A prime Tan has a sleek coat with a lot of luster. They are very striking rabbits and it is not uncommon for their owners to be approached at shows by inviduals who are amazed by their beauty. 

Not only are Tans beautiful rabbits, but they have plenty of personality as well.  Tans are very active and always on the go. While Tans are a bit high strung, they are not at all aggressive. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Tans are extremely loving and friendly. They are also incredibly intelligent. 

Beautiful show rabbits. Great hoppers. Fantastic pets. 


Tans are a wonderful multi-use rabbit. The visual appeal and engaging personality of a Tan means that they demand attention at shows. They are very easy to care for. They take up minimal space and eat little food.  They require little to no grooming. While exercise can help with confidence, Tans do not need to be “trained” for shows. Their willingness to move and show off is innate. 

Tans are relatively easy to raise. Their litters are of a moderate size (usually 4-6) and they do not produce “mismarked” offspring. With very few exceptions, most Tans in a litter will be able to be shown at an ARBA competition.


As competitions such as rabbit agility and rabbit hopping become more common, participants are always on the look out for breeds that suit those hobbies well. Their long limb, intelligence and attitude make the Tan a great choice for training.


Tans are also fantastic pets for those who understand they are not a “cuddly” breed of rabbit. Owners have been known to introduce Tans to not only other rabbits, but other animals as well (please, only do so with supervision!). 

Amazing Community

The American Tan Rabbit Specialty Club (ATRSC) is comprised of many wonderful people. When choosing a breed, club dynamics are important. Tan breeders are like an extended family. 


The ATRSC hosts an annual national show each spring. Tan breeders from all over the country gather to compete to determine who has the best Tan in the country. In the fall, many Tan breeders attend the ARBA National Convention. The ATRSC hosts an auction, a banquet and an annual meeting at this show.


Dedication to youth is important to the ATRSC. Recent national shows have included youth royalty and educational contests. Youth are welcomed and valued in the ATRSC.

[Photo credit: Bethany Heavilin]

Additionally, the club has an educational scholarship that is available to young and old alike to help with the costs of higher education. Membership is the ATRSC is required.
Spread the Word 

A brochure with the above information, plus basic case information and a membership application can be downloaded here in PDF format. Please feel free to distribute it at shows, meetings, etc.

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